ReQuest Business Software

Our aim is to provide modern, flexible business software and support services to maximise the efficiency and profitability of our clients.

ReQuest business software was originally conceived in 1986 to provide easy to use software for the new personal computers and local networks that were replacing mainframe computers and terminals at the time.

ReQuest has been developed using the Omnis relational database tool. Omnis incorporates a forth-generation programming language which enables cross-platform, 'windows and menus' driven applications to be rapidly deployed for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux.

Core ledgers were created which included all the major features already found in popular bookkeeping systems together with the functionality typically only found in corporate systems such as multi-currency, multi-user and multi-period capabilities. The ledgers have been continuously developed and modules have been added covering all aspects of modern business resulting in one of the most fully featured mid-range business software products available.

In 1997 ReQuest Systems Limited was formed to concentrate solely on development, support and promotion of ReQuest business software.

Based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, close to the Birmingham Toll road and two airports Request Systems Limited are ideally located to serve clients all over the UK and Ireland.

The ReQuest team are conscious of the impact of technology change on client’s business. High levels of awareness about forthcoming operating systems, networks, servers and data storage systems are maintained through training, seminars and direct contact with product development teams.